HBO Hungary

WebAR CLP campaign

― HBO GO browser based augmented reality poster campaign

20. Arany Penge JCDecaux Innovate Award winner campaign

The campaign was launched in Hungary with a total of 200 posters, 100 in Budapest, while the rest were distributed among 10 rural cities.

“Agile and dynamic team, they deliver clever, out-of-the box ideas. They developed a web-based AR campaign for us where our still out-of-home posters came to live on mobile phones. The campaign delivered great activation rates!”

Szabolcs Baranyai, Marketing and PR Director (HBO)

Brand & product
The main goal was to promote HBO GO’s streaming services and to acquire the trust of new users. The secondary – but more obvious – goal was to promote the series that gave the creative its visual frame, Watchmen.

― Concept
To follow the futuristic feel of the alternative reality Watchmen is based in, we developed a special AR software. The poster invites the people of the street for an interactive game, offering a free month of service to those who interact with the poster.

The viewers can bring the poster alive by pointing their phone’s camera to the poster: the image disintegrates and relocates in the virtual space as an intensive visual experience. Viewers can also see a few scenes from the promoted series in the augmented reality space.

― Technology
The main problem with the AR technology used so far was that we’d always need a client application to view the show. Our technology, however, doesn’t require any extra downloads, and is able to run AR in an ordinary browser on a selected domain. This is webAR.

We are able to digitize any marketing surface “on the spot” and thus reach users with excepcional efficiency. No more unnecessary downloads, waiting, or time wasting.

― Newsletter system
Users who engaged with our AR experience has been presented with an offer of a free month of HBO GO.

Alongside the webAR technology, we’ve also developed a landing page where users can subscribe and an automated newsletter system which sends out unique voucher codes to new subscribers.


To activate the webAR, the viewer has to open a website displayed on the poster. In our case, it is


Scan the poster After opening the website, a camera screen comes up, and the viewer has to look at the poster through their camera. The device scans the poster and decodes it with the help of a marker, then activates the AR experience.


Enter your email address After 5 seconds, a popup comes up through which the user can visit the landing page to enter their email address to get a unique voucher.


Get a unique voucher Subscribed users get their vouchers with the help of an automated newsletter system. After registering to HBO GO, they can use the service free of charge for one month.

― Data
The campaign was printed and displayed in ordinary citylight posters.
Since we’ve digitized these ordinary surfaces, we have been able to measure engagement statistics on almost the same level as in digital advertising.

Thanks to the super fast process, we can offer an outstanding user experience, guaranteeing high conversion rates. The campaign reached a conversion rate of above 35% between viewers and subscribers.

Concept created by Boldizsár Mátyás

Client: HBO Hungary
Brand: HBO GO // Watchmen
Creative Agency: 5mart Studio
Media Agency: JCDecaux Hungary

Special thanks to Szabolcs Baranyai and HBO to made this project possible.
Also big thanks for the prize to JCDecaux & Arany Penge.


Mockup photos: Bence Szemerey




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