Panyolai Pálinkák

Product photography, new website & webshop

It was an honor working with Panyolai Szilvórium Zrt, one of Hungary’s most prestigious spirit brand.

They only use the best ingredients and they truly believe in the highest quality. Their experience and their in-depth attention and desire what makes them unique.

While creating Panyolai’s new website we wanted to stay simple and traditional. We wanted to use a lot of visual materials but keep focusing on the great products they are offering for their customers.

― We started the project with the product photos. We wanted to create the best compositions while keeping in mind that we have to pay attention on the limited project budget, so we have did the shooting in our office studio.

We have focused on creating such user interfaces that customers can find the product they are looking for and buy them as simple and fast as possible, so it can provide great conversion rates for the brand.

Check out the final result here.


Client: Panyolai Pálinkák
5mart Studio in cooperation with Digital Tourism Zrt.


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