Pölöskei Szörp

Online spots

Emotional public service advertisements for Pölöskei Szörp.

These social advertisements we made for Pölöskei Szörp were made with a big spoon of courage. Beyond that, efficient teamwork and professional preparation made the shootings happen. We shot 2 videos in 3 locations within 12 hours. The coordinated work of almost 30 people and good communication helped to form this quality of work.

Thanks Kreatív.hu for sharing the project.

The intimate family scenes were shot in a house and its garden. The sport shots took place in the unique ballroom and gym of Saint Margaret High School located in Budapest. Lighting plays a major role in these films. The message these videos hold – and what the client wanted to communicate – needs to be highlighted. We wanted to represent this highlight in real life.

Client: Pölöskei Szörp
Strategy: Molnár Dóra, Németh Emese Zsófia, Tasnádi Ádám

Production company: 5mart Studio
Producer: Juhász Benedek
Directors: Mátyás Boldizsár & Világi Bence
DoP: Szemerey Bence
Production Manager: Répássy Márton
1stAD: Fazakas Lőrinc
Decorator: Erdély Janka
Choreographer: Mazzag Izabella
1st AC: Déberling Norbert
2nd AC: Soós Géza
Ronin technical: Kiszler Dániel
Gaffer: Szekrényi Dániel
Best Boy: Gaál Károly
Makeup: Balogh Eszter Pacsi
Script: Bedő Norbert
Werk: Novák Doro
PA: Pika Gergő

Post Production:
PP Coordinator: Mátyás Boldizsár
Grading: Szemerey Bence
Audio Producer: Wu Huan
Piano: Péch Lóránt
Studio: 4cut

Casting Agency: Facefox

Thanks for the piano: Rubik Ernő


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